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Life Jacket Loaner Stations


VVMRA provides Life Jacket Loaner Stations in Vava'u, which offer life vests for the public to borrow at no cost, and then return after their use.  These stations are available 24 hours and 7 days a week.


Primary Purposes of the Life Vest Loaner Station Programme


1)  Improving passenger safety for infants, children, and youth

while travelling to and from Vava'u Island and the outer islands

2)  Encouraging others to wear life vests while travelling by boat


3)  Reducing the risk of drownings in the Kingdom of Tonga



This programme is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Tonga. We are looking for financial partners, communities, and organizations interested in establishing additional Life Jacket Loaner Stations across the Kingdom of Tonga.  For more information about bringing this programme to your community, please contact us.


Life Jacket Loaner Station Locations 

  • Houmelei Wharf (Eastern District Ferries - 18 39’ 24” South and 173 58’ 35” West)

  • Neiafu Harbour (Southern District Ferries - 18 39' 09" South and 173 59' 04" West) 


Life Vest Education and Loaner Station Promo Video

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